Board of Directors

2015-16 Board of Directors The Toronto Classical Singers is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The members of the Board volunteer their time and energy to ensure the smooth operation of the choir, produce three top-quality performances each year, and outreach to the community to promote concerts, and secure sponsorships and fundraising.

Members of the Board Huw Morgan, President Robert Cummings Elizabeth Hutchison Ann Molloy Shirley Paquette Linda Roedl

The Board functions through the following committee structure:

Artistic Director Jurgen Petrenko

President Sets the agenda for board meetings, facilitates policy development and implementation with the Artistic Director, and oversees operations of the choir. Huw Morgan, President

Concert Committee Books rehearsal facilities, and oversees the logistics of each performance, including accommodations, producing programs, liaising with guest soloists and orchestra. Elizabeth Hutchison & Linda Roedl, Co-Chairs

Finance Committee Prepares annual budget, manages ticket sales, revenues and expenses, files tax receipts, maintains the books and prepares financial reports and statements. Robert Cummings, Chair (David Hall, Past Chair)

Marketing Committee Develops marketing plan, arranges advertising, and manages external communications with media, former members, patrons and partners to promote concerts and encourage sponsorships. Shirley Paquette, Chair (Christine MacLean, Past Chair)

Membership Committee Responsible for matters related directly to the members, such as orientation, admission, membership, internal communications, special events and arranges for the purchase/rental of music for the choir. Ann Molloy, Chair (Jane Carnwath, Past Chair)

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