Snow falls on the Eiffel tower as seen from below

Dec 10, 2017, 4pm
Charpentier Messe de Minuit
Saint-Saëns Oratorio de Noël

A French Christmas, contrasting the elegance of the court at Versailles with the passion of nineteenth-century Paris.

The Talisker Players Orchestra.

Whitney Mather, soprano
Kendra Dyck, soprano
Lillian Brooks, mezzo
Stephen McClare, tenor
Bruce Kelly, baritone

Smoke billows off the deck of a wooden warship in a painting of a sea battle

Music For Troubled Times

Feb 25, 2018, 4pm
Haydn Lord Nelson Mass
Schubert Mass in G

One of the most dramatic of Haydn's works, from the middle of the Napoleonic wars, contrasts sharply with Schubert's, sweet, comforting early-Romantic masterpiece.

The Talisker Players Orchestra.

Lesley Bouza, soprano
Danielle MacMillan, mezzo 
Stephen McClare, tenor
Michael Nyby, baritone

May 6, 2018, 4pm
Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem

Among the most moving pieces ever composed, both humanist and humanizing.

The Talisker Players Orchestra.

Lesley Bouza, soprano
Matthew Zadow, baritone