Sing With Us

Toronto Classical Singers is always pleased to hear from prospective new singing members who wish to learn and perform the great choral works.

We are very fortunate in having singers with a wide range of age and experience. Although we have long-serving singers, our modern world means members’ lives and locales change. Our annual recruitment program allows us to replace members who leave us and to enrich the choir with new and varied voices.

We rehearse Monday nights between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm from September to May, excluding holiday Mondays, at the same location as our performances, near Yonge and St. Clair.

Please submit the Sing With Us form below to arrange an audition. We promise it will be fun and interesting. Prospective singers are also invited to attend a rehearsal to see us in action. Even if we do not currently have a vacancy in your voice-type section, your name will be placed on a list and we will contact you when we do.

Why Join Us?

A Unique Experience

The choir performs with professional orchestra, conductor and soloists. If you have never had the opportunity to perform with a live orchestra, you don't know what you have been missing!

Expert Musical Guidance

The choir is led by Jurgen Petrenko, whose musical insight and fresh dynamic approach give members a well-rounded and inspiring musical experience while providing an excellent opportunity to enhance abilities. Workshops are provided to each section. Midi files are made available allowing you to turn your computer into your very own accompanist.

A Very Fun Time

Rehearsals are always engaging and include plenty of laughter. We study and perfect both familiar works as well as entirely new music. When we know a piece well, we delve deeper into its style and meaning and when a piece is new to the choir we work hard, gaining an enormous sense of achievement when it’s finally right.

New Friends and Other Rewards

The benefits of choral singing have been studied extensively. When a group of individuals are completely in tune with one another (in this case, literally), sharing a moment of collective consciousness to the point of breathing together, cognition and sense of well being go way up. Friendships are created when a group of people shares a common purpose.